Vision of the Agile Helpline Community is to provide a platform that brings the best out of its members while focusing on Agile fundamentals. Community offers an unique value proposition. You can be anyone you want to be e.g.
  • An Agilist - Read community blogs, take advantage of mentoring program, post your questions in the discussion forums, and lot more.
  • A Coach or Mentor - Participate in community's mentoring program as a mentor and help others grow.
  • A Writer - Use community blog to post your articles or take community's help to setup your own blog.
  • A Leader - Create a local Agile Helpline community and lead it.
  • An Artist - Help community bloggers to create their logos and graphic for their articles.
  • A Musician - Community needs an agile anthem. Compose one for us. 
  • A Cartoonist - Entertain community by creating Agile Cartoons.

As a community lead, my focus is on creating value by providing a creative learning environment. I am highly inspired by self-less toastmasters community. I hope to give you all an unique online community experience. Community is as good as its people and their commitment. It can provide you a platform to grow but you need to find your own destiny. Join, explore, contribute, lead, innovate and enjoy.

If you wish to learn concepts highlighted in this video then explore this unique blog for innovative learning experience.

Long Live Agility!
Long Live Community!