Agile Rules

This article contains an exclusive series of "Rules of Thumb" to provide insight of the common Agile issues to the Agile enthusiasts. These rules are grouped in four phases of Agile journey - understand, adopt, transform, and scale. These rules do not give you ready-made answers but allow you to get deeper understanding of the topic with do's and dont's. List of rules will continue to grow, hence, visit these article regularly.

  1. Agile Momentum - Dealing with Friction [new article
  2. Journey of an Agile team [popular article]
  3. What is the process for Agile Adoption? [popular article
  4. How to invest limited budget allocated for becoming agile? [rule]
  5. How do I cope with the loss of waterfall? [guest article]
  6. When NOT to use Agile? [rule
  7. Is Agility for me? [rule]
  8. How do I embrace change? [rule
  9. Stick Notes v/s Agile Tools [popular article]
  1. What is the process of managing Agile requirements? [popular article]
  2. How can I deal with business requirement documents? [rule]
  3. Do I need a sprint zero? [rule]
  4. What is the ideal length of a sprint? [rule]
  5. How do I define user stories? [rule]
  6. Is there any prerequisite (READY) for starting a sprint? [rule]
  7. Does a sprint end when sprint length is over or is there any better way of articulating end (DONE) of the sprint?  [rule]
  8. How long should the retrospective last?  [rule]
  9. Rules of cleaning applied to Agile [popular article]
    1. What is Agile Strategy Manifesto? [popular article]
    2. How can Agile Governance help in scaling Agile? [popular article]
    3. What is the right resourcing model for agile teams? [article]
    4. Rules of holes applied to the management  [article]
    5. What are the 6 levels of Agile planning [popular article]

    Enjoy these agile pills with no side effects to cure your issues. If you find these healthy then please leave your comments and recommend more rules that you normally apply in your Agile journey. More to come...