Goodbye Winters - A Non-Agile Project Done In An Agile Fashion

Photo and video editing is one of my hobby that you guys may have noticed in my previous blogs. This time I applied Agile concepts to one of my personal projects. Video editing can be pretty time consuming efforts, hence I decided not to take it as a crazy night time project. Instead, I allocated 1 hour a day for a week to complete the project with continuous feedback cycle. Daily tasks that I planned were:

  • Learn iMovie advanced features (Fri)
  • Shoot a video (Sat)
  • Breakdown video in scenes (Sun)
  • Fine tune scene length (Mon)
  • Familiarize with various Jam packs and audio loops for audio effect (Tue)
  • Mix audio loops with Videos (Wed)
  • Final edits and publish (Thu)
Here is the outcome of one week of disciplined learning and fun:

Apple Store and my daughter were the key stakeholders who provided me constant feedback. Thanks Jon (Apple personal project trainer) and Anika for being a great help. BTW, Apple One2One training is awesome if you want to learn their professional tools. This is the best 99$ I have spent in my life for a year long training. 


  1. i recently realised I had started treating prepping my evening meals using agile! If there’s a list of tasks that need done, it’s agile-able. What a fun video and demonstration of getting things done, fast.

    Luke W
    Community Manager

  2. Thanks Luke. Sometime I feel that Agile is just a common sense that we sometimes forget to use.