Agile Retrospective: Journey of an Agile Team

Agile brings a lot of behavioral and process changes, hence, adoption does not happen overnight. It takes a considerable amount of time for teams to iteratively understand and experience agile concepts. As a matter of fact, 2-4 weeks iterations (sprints) attract most of the teams wanting to be agile. Teams start iterating without clearly understanding value of other key agile concepts e.g. burndown charts, backlog management, definition of done, estimation practices etc. These teams start appreciating implementation problems through retrospectives. This appreciation for the problems also makes it easier for teams to learn agile techniques to solve problems incrementally.

Each team is different and there agile journeys may differ too. There are no silver bullets for perfect implementation. Retrospectives play a key role for the sustained adoption. This video case study represents a typical journey (milestones) of an agile team that I have experienced in various agile adoptions. You may find it useful too.

Click below to watch embedded video.

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