Scrum Crash Course

Not everyone can afford to spend 1000-2000$ for a scrum course, however, Scrum is supported by the community that believes in sharing. I recommend the following resources to new team members starting to learn Scrum. Take a free but the best Scrum crash course.

Agility Explained by Yogesh Kumar

Scrum Explained by Ken Schwaber

Understand 6 Levels of Agile Planning

Agile Backlog Management in a Nutshell

Agile Estimation & Planning by Mike Cohn (Part I & II)

Hyperproductive Distributed Scrum Teams by Dr. Jeff Sutherland

Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great!

Learn About Continuous Integration With Hudson Directly From the Source

Agile Testing

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    1. Well I am a project manager and have been going through the guide to Scrum Body of Knowledge by scrum master training provider Scrumstudy which provide a complete guide for the scrum project. I highly recommend this books to all those who are planning to implement scrum in your organization. You can go directly to for first chapter is available there.

    2. Hi , we use Scrum org wide for project management, and its working well compared to waterfall method. As part of company sponsored training, I also got my agile scrum certification ; Scrum Master Certification recently. I think scquiring such certifications will help getting a job in project management.