Mr. Agile is explaining definition of done

Mr. Agile is explaining definition of done to Amy in his latest discussion in the office xerox room. Enjoy this cool video and let Mr. Agile know if you have any question about Agile.


Amy: Hello Mr. Agile. Is there any good way of articulating end of the sprint?
Mr. Agile: Hello Amy. It's a good question. Ideally, each team should have their definition of DONE at 3 levels:
  1. Story,
  2. Sprint, and
  3. Release
Amy: What's the importance of DONE in Agile?
Mr. Agile: DONE is equal to "value" in Agile. If you need your team to deliver "value" then you better define "done" with your team. Poor definition of done means poor value in the end.

Amy: Is there any standard Definition of DONE?
Mr. Agile: NO. It is a joint commitment that team agrees to deliver at the 3 levels I just explained. Team should have a shared meaning of "Done". RULE OF THUMB is:
  1. Team has a common understanding of what DONE means at user story, sprint, and release level.
  2. It follows agreed discipline.
  3. Deliverables of the team are incremented with each iteration - from release notes to software to technical documentation - to the degree necessary to support release.
  4. Team delivers potentially shippable product at the end of the sprint. This discussion is presented by Agile Helpline.
 Amy: Thanks Mr. Agile and Agile Helpline for your Agile Bites.

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