Agile Iteration Planning

Iteration planning is the fourth layer of Agile Planning Onion. Also known as Sprints, iterations are short, fixed-length subsets of releases, generally in the 1-4 week time frame. Iterations represent the execution heartbeat of the project. During each iteration the team's goal is to deliver potentially shippable software. Iterations incorporate three key phases:
  • Ready (backlog grooming, iteration planning)
  • Remove impediments throughout the execution (daily standup meeting)
  • Done - usually agreed by the team as a definition of done (iteration review and retrospective)
You can review the next planning layer by clicking on the following diagram. I recommend to watch this video to get a better understanding of linkage between all layers.

Agile Planning Onion Layers
  1. Strategy
  2. Portfolio
  3. Release
  4. Iteration
  5. Daily
  6. Continuous

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