Scrum - An Agile Framework

Scrum is an Agile approach to software development. Rather than a full process or methodology, it is a framework. So instead of providing complete, detailed descriptions of how everything is to be done on the project, much is left up to the software development team. This is done because the team will know best how to solve the problem they are presented. This is why, for example, a sprint planning meeting is described in terms of the desired outcome (a commitment to set of features to be developed in the next sprint) instead of a set of Entry criteria, Task definitions, Validation criteria, and Exit criteria as would be provided in most methodologies.

Lot of people contributed to the community by sharing their work. Each person has their area of strength. Here is a list of best resources on Scrum. Have fun and let me know if you see anything good missing. You can also take free online Scrum course.

Expedite Scrum Learning [ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ]
Scrum Basics

Scrum Advanced
  • What are they? Where do they come from? [article]
  • Ken Schwaber on ScrumBut [video]
  • Ken Schwaber on ScrumBut examples [video]
Other Scrum Resources

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