Announcing First Online Agile Mentoring Program

Agile Helpline Community is offering all its agile members (Agilists) a community based mentoring program. The program is based on a distributed / one-on-one approach, and is open to all members (Agilists). All information exchanged between mentor and mentee is strictly confidential. The program benefits include:
  • Allows more experienced Agilists (mentors) to guide and assist the less experienced Agilists (mentees);
  • Allows both, mentors and mentees, to study from each other and enhance the knowledge of the variety Agile related subjects ;
  • Allows all mentoring participants to get recommendation from Agile Helpline Community Leads which can be used for various programs like Certified Scrum Coach (CSC), Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) etc; and
  • Provides satisfaction to participants when the mentoring results come to fruition.

This Mentoring Program is based on few fundamental principals -  self-organization, helping, and sharing. Agile Helpline Community will pair mentors and mentees. The general concept for matching is based on mentees Agile needs and mentors Agile experience. Program participants needs to be a member of Agile Helpline Community. Interested mentors and mentees can send email to with the following information:

- What is your experience profile?
- What do you want to learn? (mentee only)
- What do you have to offer to the mentees? Why do you want to be a mentor? (mentors only)
- How much time are you willing to commit for the mentoring program?
- What is your location? (to keep pairs in close timezones if possible)

Once mentee and mentor are paired, they are supposed to be self-organized to meet their objectives. It is recommended that pairs maintain a list of prioritized backlog items and agree on weekly or monthly time commitments. As a courtesy, participants should keep Program Coordinators informed for their progress esp when they meet their objectives. This helps in tracking success of the program. Also, Agile Helpline Community Leads recommendation will only be given after mentee and mentor agree that key learning objectives are met. An Agilist can be mentee and mentor at the same time.

Participants can contact mentoring program coordinators if their mentoring is not working fine. Program Coordinators will try to resolve issues or find alternatives. Remember, success of this program is largely depends on the commitment of the community members.

For more information on this program, please contact

Long Live Agility! 
Long Live Community!

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