Inspect & Adapt: Scrum Assessment Scorecard

This is my attempt to help community to mature by providing a simple assessment tool to "inspect" scrum maturity. Success of "Adoption" is what differentiates high-performing and low performing teams. This Scoreboard is a useful way of answering the question: "are you doing scrum?". There is much more to high-performance than just doing things mentioned in the assessment tool, hence, scoring high is not a key goal. It is more of a starting point.

A score is assigned to each response (see items in parentheses). Let's just say this - maximize your score in each section; a near perfect score is ideal. Anything where you have a "less good" answer should be fixed. Tool will help you to inspect, however, you need to take initiatives to adapt as per the gaps identified depending on your team's capacity to fill those gaps.

Please join me in helping Agile Helpline Community. You can download Scrum Assessment Scorecard here.


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