Agile Release Planning - A Simplified View

It takes a while for new Agile teams to have Agile Management Structure. Here is a simplified view of agile release planning which can be easily customized to fit your organizational needs. Key point is that "leadership" team plays a key role in setting the product vision. Membership of "leadership" team may vary in different organizations, however, Scrum Roles (The Team, ScrumMaster, Product Owner) remains unchanged. Product Owner's role becomes very critical in translating "leadership" vision into workable requirements if an organization has bigger hierarchy.
  • Leadership team sets strategic release goals
  • Product Owners build and prioritize stories
  • Engineering leadership injects relevant practice goals
  • Team, and ScrumMaster review release goals, stories with PO and do a release plan exercise
  • Leadership team acknowledges the plan, provides feedback and team proceed
  • Progress is evaluated each iteration (data driven planning)

Do you have something similar in your organization? What's your approach? Feedback is welcomed!

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