Agile Attitude

Successful Agile implementations require right agile attitude. This attitude can be summarized as:

  • Change is the norm, not the exception
  • Reality rules, not the project plan
  • The future drives the baseline, not the past
  • The process serves the people - it does not handcuff them
  • Leading takes precedent over managing


  1. Hi Yogesh,

    your "Agile Attitude" seems to me a good candidate to replace the (quite dangerous) Agile Manifesto.

    My own definition of an "Agile Attitude" is what I call Best Practice Agile.

    Thank you for your post.

  2. Thank you so much, really inspiring idea. I just did not understand "The future drives the baseline, not the past"
    I would like you to explain or just post URLs.

    Agile Fan